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Hello and welcome to my Halo site. Check out the gallery for some cool pics and the links page for....guess what......links!!!!

This is my first site but I will be updating and working on a Halflife site and a Counter Strike site as well.

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Check out the gallery for some cool picts

Halo takes place on a ring like "planet" built by aliens. It will feature 32 bit color so the graphic are amazing.In the game you take control of a futeristic marine that is fighting a group of aliens for control of the planet. With 3rd person perspective the game looks somewhat like a sci-fi thriller. One of the things that sets this game apart from others is the ability to take control of vehicles such as tanks, jeeps, planes, and maybe boats. The game will feture a multi-player option where you can play as humans or aliens in capture the flag, deathmatch and many other modes. Although the realese date was near christmas time last year we can expect it this spring.